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Digital Audio Project #3: Composing & Creating

Nearly every educational theorist lists creativity as one of the most valuable kinds of learning experiences that students experience. In Benjamin Bloom’s pyramid of higher order thinking skills, creativity remains at the top. Likewise, Bruner, Dewey, & Vygotsky dedicated significant portions of their life’s work towards exploring and teaching creativity. The projects within this module build upon previous skills withContinue reading “Digital Audio Project #3: Composing & Creating”

Digital Audio Project #2: Transforming A Song

The majority of students who want to work with digital audio workstations are interested in creating their own music. This may come in the form of recreating their favorite song or composing their own original music. This project scaffolds students through higher order thinking skills of analysis, evaluation, & creation within Bloom’s Taxonomy by transformingContinue reading “Digital Audio Project #2: Transforming A Song”

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